simple finance.

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In the world of apps, none made finance management easy until came along. It's designed with one clear goal: to make things simple.

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what? revolutionizes financial management by prioritizing simplicity and accessibility.

Track past, current and future networth

Unlimited banks, cards and accounts at one place

Auto labling to in & out transactions

Auto expense tracking

Connect and see all stocks, ETF or mutual fund

Credit card spending

Safe & secure

Peope first

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Hey! I'm mihir naik🔗, the solo maker behind When I'm not on the internet building cool stuff, you can catch me chilling with my cats or soaking up quality time with family.

I found myself battling against badly designed bank apps, constantly wrestling tax filings and frustrations with investment tracking on spreadsheets. But, who said it has to be that way? So, I started working on lit.Money! It's my solution to these day-to-day financial gripes, and I hope it can simplify your life too!

if you have any feedback or want say hi, just DM me🔗


Free during beta

It's too early to discuss payment, once rolls out of its beta phase, I will have a modest pricing structure in place. Rest assured, it will be designed in a way that's fair and simplistic, allowing me to continually enhance the app and provide dedicated support to all users.

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Jump aboard! Let's simplify finance together.

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